Tripled Trouble

October 16, 2015 at 12:51 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , , )

Jake’s sledge hammer swung out and knocked another walking corpse back into the mud streaked gully as the sounds of the gunshots faded into the forested hills.

Zombie Sickhouse

“Three shots means trouble,” Flack said, as he used his rifle to push two zombies back into the gully. The two took three more with them and they all splashed into rain flooded stream below. “Maybe we should use our guns.”

“I’d rather not lose what advantages we have,” Jake called out. “Let’s just try to do this.” He moved into the fray swinging his hammer as quickly as he could. He tried to hold the bank, but noticed that Scent couldn’t guard her section and had to fall back.


When Tops moved back to protect her, he and Flack were forced to retreat or risk be flanked by the undead.

Flack cut through half of one’s neck, but then turned to him and yelled, “I think we have to switch to guns or we’ll be overwhelmed.”

“Son of a bitch,” Jake said, but then drew his pistol and dropped six zombies with well placed shots.

Flack fired his M-4 in small bursts. The drenched zombie’s exploding heads splashed gore over the churning mud. Corpse after corpse fell until the two men had completed their grim task.

Hunting Zombies

Tops and Scent went through the downed undead putting any survivors out of their misery while the two gunman caught their breath. Overhead the raging lead colored clouds showed no signs of breaking up. Jake sighed when the rain grew stronger and walked over to where Flack loaded more bullets into a spent magazine.

“So what now?” the tall road warrior asked him.

“We were tasked with finding Tal and that’s what we’re going to do.” Flack nodded and Jake clasped him on the shoulder. Once the others had collected themselves, the group headed south.

The run in had sobered them and gone were the lighthearted jokes. The good humor was replaced by careful footsteps and nervous glances into the drenched woods. As they traveled the rain picked up and a thin mist rose from the ground. Within minutes the rain muffled all other sounds as the mists brought down their visibility.

Emily black and white

Gritting his teeth Jake led them through the obfuscated forest. Their soaked clothes hung heavy from their arms and back. Each footstep became harder as mud stuck to their soles and created slippery paths through the fields.

They found a thick cluster of trees and Jake had the team stop and get their barring.

“I wish he’s fire three more shots,” Scent whispered.

“Maybe we should fire three of our own,” Flack suggested.

“I’d rather hold off,” Jake started, “because—wait, do you guys hear that?”

“Sounds like a drunk gorilla hitting a drum with a broken stick,” Tops suggested.

“It’s coming from this way,” Jake said. “Let’s go.”

A tree covered hill loomed before them and Jake made for it. To their west he could see they had drawn closer to the canyon. This comforted him, more than a little, for at least he knew nothing could head at them from that direction.

The team made it up to the thick cluster of trees and despite the mists they had no trouble seeing the scene unfolding below them. Scent gasped and Jake felt like joining her when he saw Tal and one other person sitting on the branches of a pine tree ten feet above an undulating mass of easily three hundred undead. The zombies swirled and trashed under his friends like an eternal mosh pit of death.


Flack sounded breathless as he said, “We need to go back and get more people.”

But before Jake could replay, he heard Scent cry out. Looking over his shoulder, he saw her backpedaling toward the huge group before them. At first this confused him until he saw the shapes looming up out of the fog.

Zombie Forest Grey

Another group of undead had come up behind them.

“Shit,” Flack hissed. “Now we’re cut off from camp.”

“Worse than that,” Jake started, “We are stuck between two packs with no easy escape.”


Zombie RIng


Come back next weekend and continue Jake’s dangerous journey into the second year of the Eternal Aftermath.




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Zombie Night

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Rain, Smokes, and The Walking Dead

October 9, 2015 at 1:10 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , )

With two teams missing in the forested canyons, the Cliffhammers were spread thin. Also with the sighting of the recent zombie tracks, they couldn’t afford to leave the main camp compromised, so Mitchum had only allowed Jake three people to accompany him on his search for Tal’s missing group.

Jake II

Jake had taken Flack, mostly because he had one of the best weapons around, although firing off his M-4 was about the last thing he’d want to see happen. With them also went Tops. The skinny kid had earned his name by smoking anything he could get his hands on. He’d smoke swamp weed and the bark of trees if he had nothing else to cram into his endless supply of rolling papers. For a weapon he used an axe with a sawed off handle.

His girlfriend, Scent, had also come with them. Jake wasn’t too thrilled to have the young girl along, but figured if she had survived a year of the zombie apocalypse, she should be able to hold her own, even if her choice of weapons appeared to be a sharpened stick.


The four of them set out south as the storm grew worse. The driving rain hammered at them and soaked them completely before they had moved past the outskirts of the camp. Overhead dark clouds showed no signs of breaking. Every branch he hit send thick drops onto his head and often found their way his back. Gripping his big sledge hammer tighter, he pressed on.

“Hell,” Flack began. “Tal could just be lost due to this crappy weather.” He pushed a strand of his long wet hair behind an ear. “Shit, we might even get lost trying to find our way back.”

Jack Offworld

“Yeah, what the hell?” Tops said, obviously frustrated that he couldn’t get his smoke lit. “This is Arizona, not Oregon. I thought we were supposed to stay high and dry up here.”

Jake kept his voice lower than the others, but said, “Humans have been changing the environment for years. Who knows how them suddenly disappearing will effect the Earth?”

That clammed them up and the moved silently into a place where the trees thinned out into an open field. Jake didn’t like being exposed. There could be things more dangerous than zombies lurking in the mountains. He took the group to an outcropping of rocks and let them catch their breath while he scanned the area before them.

Flack drew up next to him. “Tal might have gotten lost, but he’ll know what direction is north. I’m more worried about his missing the camp to the east or the west. We could be heading further south for no reason.”

“Just consider this a hunt. We’re hunting for Tal’s group, stray zombies, game, whatever we see first.”

“I sure wouldn’t mind some venison,” Scent said as she cupped her hands around Tops’ smoke, which he was finally able to get lit.

Emily Art

“Yeah, but firing shots is always a risky gamble. We wouldn’t want to lure any wandering herd back to camp,” Jake said.

“I’ll risk it,” Tops said. “Besides I could use a little action.

The rain let up some so Jake took the team south again. The area became rockier and they were forced to move into gullies that contained small streams of rushing water. Frogs and insects sung songs of life that pleased him. Then, just as suddenly, he heard nature’s opposite, the foul moans of the undead.

Zombie Forest Grey

Flack stopped as they were about to climb out from the wash. “Looks like a lot of them.” Maybe thirty zombies lumbered their way. Looking back at Tops, he said, “Careful what you wish for, we just got the action you wanted and it’s more than we can handle.”

“I call bullshit on that,” Jake said. “We have to waste these geeks ourselves. We can’t have them showing up in our camp in the middle of the night. Follow me.”

“Them without waiting for them to answer, he climbed up the small incline they had just descended and waved his arms over his head. “Hey losers this way. Fresh food.” The others soon had no choice but to join him.

The undead’s moaning increased as they stumbled through the field heading straight toward them. Empty eyes gazed in blank stares as their wet ragged clothes hung from strings to their bloated bodies. They pushed through the trees oblivious to the damage the sharp branches caused to their weak flesh.

“Alright everyone,” Jake started. “Grab as many fist and head sized boulders that you can. Then, when they’re in range start wailing on them. Hold back on using the gun unless there isn’t any other choice.”

The zombies would have a ten foot gully to cross that would help slow them down, but it would still be almost ten to one against them.

The group didn’t wait until the zombies reached the gully. They threw their stones as soon as the undead have moved into range. The stones did damage, but these weren’t men. They left marks and smashed noses, but they had only made three kill shots before the pack reached the small ravine. Seconds later they toppled into the wash. Again a living person would be in pain from such falls, but the undead picked themselves back up and came for them.


The team switched to the head sized stones and maybe dropped nine more before Jake called out. “Hand to hand weapons now! Try to hold the ridge it will give us an advantage. The four of them drew their weapons and was about to lay into the remaining twenty zombies when gunshots rang out to the south.

“Shit,” Jake said as he smashed his first zombie in the center of the head. “That must be Tal and he would have to be in deep shit to risk firing a gun!”


Zombie Pistol


Come back next weekend and continue Jake’s dangerous journey into the second year of the Eternal Aftermath.


Zombie green


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Zombies Two

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Bloody Basin Draw

October 2, 2015 at 12:40 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , )

Jake threw another log on the sparking fire and then looked back up at the fading sunset. The last stands of violet blended into the darkening greys of an approaching storm front. All around him his friends and allies hurried to set up tarps and bring their meager gear into concise piles. He felt like the calm eye in the center of a storm of activity, but then again he had prepped his supplies hours earlier.


Heavy boots paused next to where he sat. He knew they belonged to Mitchum before he spoke. “I needed to ask you something.” Mitchum had been a retired officer in the Air Force long before the zombie apocalypse had begun. His leadership and knowledge had helped keep them alive, although since Jake had saved the entire camp by luring thousands of undead to their deaths, he had gained the man’s respect and trust.


Jake looked up at the older man. White sideburns phased into a greying head of close cropped hair. “What is it?”

“I was out hunting earlier and I discovered some geek tracks to the south.”

Jake poked at the blaze just as the first drops of rain created dark round spots on the forest floor. “Well, with us headed further south through the canyon every month, it isn’t to surprising that we’d run into something from that direction.”

“True, but Tal had taken a group south to forage and he hasn’t returned yet. Also I’m surprised you didn’t notice that your pal Dag isn’t back yet. You know he took Ellie and Renni with him. Your lady had said something about seeing some eatable mushrooms that way.”

Jake bolted out of his chair. “They aren’t back yet? Son of a… I need to go look for them right now.”

Emily black and white

“Wait,” his arm reached out and grasped Jake by the shoulder. “They went north, the tracks were south, near Tal’s group. I need you to take a few men and check on them.” As the Captain spoke the rain moved from drizzle to outright downpour.

“That doesn’t mean anything. Geeks could be anywhere.”

Mitchum’s stern face regarded him. “If they’re heading from the south and you are between your lady and the south, you’re protecting her that way too. I’ll organize a group to search for Ellie, but right now I’m more concerned for Tal. I need you to handle this and with the rain crashing into us, the sooner the better.”

Jake grabbed his throwing sledge and slid it through the steel ring attached to his belt. His hand checked to make sure his pistol remained secure and then hefted up his big war sledge. “Flack still has a loaded rifle right?”

Forest gree

“Yes, but as always try to avoid shooting for multiple reasons.”

“As always, but he’s coming with. I want Boxer to lead the group looking for Ellie, or I’ll do it myself.”

“Done, now get going. This rain won’t be making anything easier.”

“No, it sure won’t.”

Jake cast one look back at the inviting fire that he’d just lit and then headed off to find Flack.

It was going to be a long wet night.




Thanks for reading Mitch’s journey into the second year of the Eternal Aftermath and come back next weekend for the beginning of a new tale.




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Death of Becca

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The Climax of Mitch is not Your Bitch

September 25, 2015 at 7:34 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , )

This serial began 8/15/15

Stopping only long enough to toss the dead rattler over his shoulder, Mitch headed east, deeper into the canyon, as the zombies poured in from the west. He jogged a hundred yards before the canyon turned to the northeast. Mitch cast a glance over his shoulder and saw the undead behind him stretched wall to wall.

Zombie Canyon

“One mistake and I’m done,” he whispered to himself, but then focused on the tracks below him.

The footprints of the two young men led onward. A single drop of blood confirmed that one of them had been bit by the rattlesnake trap he had set for them.

He jerked when gunfire barked ahead of him. At first he thought they were shooting at him, but then realized that the tweens must have run into some zombies. “Damn kids, firing at shadows. Going to bring hundreds of deaders down into my home.”

Mitch III

After checking his new rifle one more time, he headed after them. It didn’t take him long to reach the three recently slain zombies. They couldn’t be too far ahead of him.

Mitch slowed his pace. From the looks of the tracks, one of the men was helping the other. More drops of blood made dark circles in the dry dust.

Before him the rust colored walls reached greater heights. He knew this could be both good and bad. It might be less likely that zombies could be entering the rift ahead of him, but climbing out would be more difficult.

He paused to listen as he allowed himself a moment to catch his breath. The rough canyon slowed the zombies following him and he had increased the distance between himself and them, but if the youths pinned him down he would be in a tough spot. He could easily find himself with gunmen on one side, zombies behind him, and difficult canyon walls on either side. He went forward anyway.

Then he saw them. The tweens remained far to focused on moving forward to notice him behind them. They had reached an area where the canyon opened wider and loose sand and rocks spread out between the sides of the rugged cliffs.

From the looks of things, Rus had been the one bitten and Mitch couldn’t have been happier. It looked like a leg wound for he was limping while receiving help from Eric, He leaned on the younger teen’s shoulder as they moved over the small dunes of sand created by the infrequent flash floods.

Mitch contemplated his options for a moment. The youths had insulted him, stolen all his gear, and then shot at him. Eric might not have joined in with the shooting and was certainly the most innocent of the original three, but one could never be sure what choices a kid could make under stress. Rus on the other hand have been an ignorant and aggressive asshole from the moment they had cursed Mitch’s life.

He decided that the world would be better off without him.

Mitch found a rock to brace the rifle on. He had never done much shooting before the apocalypse, but over the last year his skills had improved. He got the back of Rus’s head in his sights. Behind him the groans of the zombies drew closer. He would have to make sure he did this right.


A single shot echoed through the hills and Rus fell without so much as a shout.

Eric panicked and fumbled for Rus’s rifle as Mitch stepped forward.

He raised his hands, but kept the rifle in his left. “Hold on, boy. You don’t seem as nasty as those other two. I’d like to let the fight end here. We got plenty of other problems. All this shooting is going to have zombies crawling over these hills for weeks.”

Eric had the rifle in his hands, but just stared at Mitch over the barrel pointed his way.

“What do you say, kid? Whanna try to help each other get out of here? There isn’t enough of us breathers left to be killing each other over scraps.”

“What are you saying? You just killed my two friends.”

“Were they really your friends? Seems more like your abusers to me.”

Eric’s face grew red and his hands trembled as he kept the rifle pointed Mitch’s way. “What would you know about it? We were a team. We survived through a lot of shit.”


“I’m sure you did,” Mitch said as he took a step toward Eric. Behind him the moans of the undead grew in volume. They would be on him soon. “But they tried to kill the wrong guy in the wrong place and there is no going back now. The only question is how do you want to go forward? Sure you could shoot me, but then you would be left alone in an area I’m sure you don’t know well. Or you could let me help get you out of here and to someplace safe…”

Eric’s hands shook and for a moment Mitch thought the kid was really going to shoot him. Instead there was a loud rattle as he dropped the rifle onto the rocks.

Mitch walked forward allowing himself a smile.

* * *

Am hour later for the two men, both young and old climbed out of the canyon and looked back to the west as the sun had just begun to tint the sky over the distant Tucson Mountain range a light purple.

The undead spread over the foothills and continued to hunt them. The next few weeks wouldn’t be easy, but Mitch knew enough places to hide and stay safe that he figured they’d be okay. The mop up would be the hard part, but he was the master of making traps and with Eric’s help they’d figure something out.

With a sigh, he turned his back on the scene and led the way toward higher ground.


Zombie RIng
Thanks for reading Mitch’s journey into the second year of the Eternal Aftermath and come back next weekend for the beginning of a new tale.

Mitch II
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Zombie Aftermath

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September 18, 2015 at 12:47 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , )

Mitch looked over his shoulder just in time to see Brad pulling the trigger on the rifle he had aimed at Mitch’s head. The gun made a dry click.


“Son of a bitch!” The tween cursed, as he worked the action of the gun.

Mitch filled his left hand with sand and whipped around while flinging the dirt into Brad’s eyes.

“You piece of sh-”

He wasn’t able to finish his sentence before Mitch cracked him in the back of his head with the club he still had in his right hand. “Forgot about all the zombies you shot before you starting firing on me didn’t you?” Mitch emphasized last word by swinging again and taking Brad in the chin.

The young man toppled over backwards and landed on a pile of uneven rocks. Brad moaned and made a pained face, but appeared too damaged to make any serious moves on him.

Mitch kicked away the rifle and lowered himself down to one knee. He hovered over Brad and started to search his pockets for bullets. “Don’t start something you can’t finish, boy.”


“I’ll finish you!” Brad yelled as he hands came up and grasped Mitch by the neck. While Mitch struggled against the younger man’s grip, he heard the sounds of undead being drawn toward them by the sounds of their fight.

Brad’s strong fingers closed around his neck as the zombies moved closer. Mitch had dropped his club, but still had his buck knife in his pocket. He fumbled for it with one hand as the other tried to pull away Brad’s fingers.

The knife came free and he flicked it open. A second later he drove it under Brad’s right armpit. Blood gushed like a river and he guessed the blade had hit the biracial artery.

Insane Haeds

Brad gasped in pain and his fingers went weak. “Why?” he groaned.

“Let’s see. You came into my camp. Insulted me. Stole my food. Took all my gear. Then when I did nothing more than run, you tried to take my life. You don’t shoot at a man if you don’t want to make him have to kill you.”

He saw the three zombies moving in. They crashed through the bushes. Each of their bodies bristled with hundreds of cactus spines. A one eyed former farmer led them and moaned louder as its arms reached out toward the men.

Three Red Zombies

“Oh man, you gotta save me,” Brad said.

“Nope I don’t.”

Mitch backed up and winced when they fell onto Brad. Fingers and teeth tore the boy apart as his horrid screams ripped through the desert stillness.

He could only take so much and while the undead were occupied he smashed each of them on the head with a large stone. But the screaming drew in more. He looked to the west and saw that the larger horde made good time and would be reaching the canyon soon.

Brad still clung to life and coughed up a mouthful of blood.

“I’ll grant you this one blessing,” Mitch said as he drove his knife into the man’s temple. He thrashed for a moment and then lay still.

Mitch hurried to search Brad’s body as a dozen undead began to move in toward him. He found a large hunting knife, a canteen, and a backpack full of gear. Then he hurried to look through his jacket pockets and found what he was looking for.

Zombies before the red sky


He had just enough time to reload the magazine before the zombies moved into attack range.

Hurrying over the edge of the rocky cliff that dropped into the canyon, Mitch lowered himself into the rift and made his way to the bottom. His progress remained slow, but at least the zombies above him were unable to follow. He took his time, for a sprained ankle would be a death sentence out in these wilds even without the horde heading his way.


Once he reached the floor of the narrow canyon, he saw the first of the zombies from Tucson pour in from the west. He jogged east until he reached the dead rattler. Drops of blood could be seen in the dust. They headed east.

He knew that Brad’s two friends were still out there and both were armed, but he headed east anyway as the moaning of the zombies grew in volume behind him.




Check in next weekend for the next part of Mitch’s journey into the beginning of the second year of the Eternal Aftermath.




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Blood Mouth Zombie

Blood Mouth Zombie

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High Desert Danger

September 4, 2015 at 12:31 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , )

Mitch kept running as rocks splintered around him. A bullet buzzed over his head and he crouched lower as he rushed through the dry wash. A moan of an approaching zombie reached his ears, but it remained thirty feet away and out of the wash. They weren’t his real problem…yet.


Behind him, he heard Rus shouting, “Shoot at that guy too, you damn wimp!”

Mitch allowed himself a grim grin. A little kindness can go a long way.

Mitch II

The shooting stopped when he passed through a deeper canyon. Shade graced him for a moment as he slowed to a half jog. Rough rocky cliffs stretched higher as he moved. A rattlesnakes warning came from his right.

Usually finding the coiled snake would make his day, but on this morning he didn’t have the… A thought came to him. He still had the tangled mess of trip wire with him. Drawing both the wires and his buck knife from his back pockets, he cut a long length of piano wire from the intertwined ball.

Rattlesnake Wallpapers (4)

He had to hurry. They could be running up behind him for all he knew. Why they would bother was beyond him. They had almost all his gear and long gone were the days he could report them to anyone. But he knew the world had grown more viscous. They might think he would hunt them down or slit a sleeping throat.

If they were following him, this would give them a surprise, he thought to himself as he pinned down the head of the rattler with his club. Taking his time and with great care, he grabbed the western diamondback behind its head. It struggled against him and whipped its tail in a fury.

Mitch slipped the wire noose around its head and threw the snake behind a rust colored rock. He stretched the rest of the wire across the wash floor and then strung it around another rock so the wire rested only a few inches off the ground. It might not work, they might not come this way, but if it did work, they’d have a hell of a surprise when a pissed off rattle snake got pulled into their leg.

With another inner grin, Mitch hurried through the rest of the short canyon. It opened up giving him not only a view of the wide Sonoran Desert spreading before him, but one of the ghost town of Tucson Arizona baking in the relentless sun.


But that wasn’t what Mitch’s eyes stayed glued on. What concerned him were the number of undead the gunfire had summoned. They marched through the thick cactus collecting thorns as they came. Although spread out in different sized groups, they had to number in the hundreds.

Zpmbie herd

And the three armed men behind him drove Mitch straight into them.




Check in next weekend for the next part of Mitch’s journey into the beginning of the second year of the Eternal Aftermath.


Screaming Zombie

Screaming Zombie


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The Climax of Mar-Velous Mayhem

August 7, 2015 at 12:34 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , )

Mar rushed over to check on her unconscious brother. At first he didn’t respond, but then she began to shake him, while trying to block out the horrid sounds of the zombies feasting on the two men she had just killed below. As her brother’s eyes flicked open, she paused for a moment and contemplated how little it bothered her that she had just taken two lives.

Mar at 18 II

Yes, they had drugged her brother, as well as Allen and Cindy, and then attempted to rape her, but in this world of death shouldn’t all lives be precious? Screw that, she thought to herself and shook Benny harder.

“Oh man, what? What?”

“We’re on the second floor of a mansion filled with zombies, that’s what.”

His hands slipped over the grimy debris littered floor as he tried to sit up. “But those guys destroyed the staircase. They can’t get up here right?”

Below them the zombie’s bloodlust had them going berserk. She heard mirrors breaking and doors coming off their hinges. “Unless they tear the whole house apart, which is what they sound like they’re trying to do. We need to get out of here now.”

Zombie black and White

“Wait, what about Cindy and Allen?” He had managed to lean his back up against a stained couch, which was once worth more than their mother would have made in a month.

“Screw them. They betrayed me. I’d rather never see them again.”

Benny looked like he might start to cry. “But they’re our friends. I feel safer with them around.”

“I know, but I can’t, I just can’t see their faces every day when I wake up in the morning.” She took his little trembling hand into hers. “I’m sorry Ben, but I just can’t and with them still drugged this might are best chance to escape from them.”

She looked around and didn’t see too much worth looting, but decided to give the area a once over. “You rest here for a moment and try to get that crap out of your system. Why are you awake before the others anyway?”

“Oh,” he tried to smile, but still looked sick. “That jam they gave me was pretty gross. I tried to eat a few bites, but then hid my plate under the sofa.”

“Well thank the Goddess,” Mar said and then set off to scavenge what she could. She grabbed a knife or two, but they just made her lament the loss of her pick. She laughed when she found a medieval ball and chain weapon, but happily tossed it into her backpack. Her big score was their stack of canned goods. They had about a dozen and she quickly scooped them into her pack.

Mar at 18

Feeling better off that she had been in a while, she went back to Benny and helped him to his feet. “Are you sure you are good?”

“Yeah, I think I’m okay,” his dirty face grinned at her. “I’ll be careful. I’ll take it slow.”

She gave his shoulder a squeeze and then led the way to plank that stretched between the house and the tall wall between the zombie filled yard below and the neighbors next door. Below her the zombies crowded in thicker than before. Their fingers rose to try to reach her, but still stayed a foot lower than the eight inches of plank.

She tried to ignore the snapping teeth and glassy eyes that glared up at her from within their writhing masses. Mar was forced to raise her voice to be heard over their feverish moanings and growls. “I’m going to go over first, so I can stabilize it for you.”

Benny just nodded. The look on his face made her sick to her stomach, but she figured they should just get this behind them. The neighbor’s yard looked free of undead. If they could just make it that far…

The board creaked and shifted beneath her. She had imagines of flailing her arms as she crashed into the waiting undead below. Sweat poured off her in streams as she passed between the hungry throngs and the blazing stars above.

Somehow, she reached the other side. Quickly kneeling, as she braced her body on both the board and the wall, she called back. “I got it, come on!”

Zombies Hunger for your Life

Benny took so long to get started, she thought she would have to go back, but he finally lowered himself out of the window onto the plank. Then there was the wait for him to move away from the house. Her heart stayed in her throat as she watched her brother’s slow progress.

He had almost made it across when a large zombie pushed another over. Whether intentional or by just blind luck, the tall zombie stepped onto the back of the fallen one. This gave him just enough height to reach the board.

His filthy fingers grabbed the board and for a moment Benny hung in air as he tried to maintain his balance. She thought he would do it right until he toppled into the waiting mouths below.

Mar scream

Mar’s eyes grew wide and she couldn’t even scream. She wanted to pull out her hair, to dive in after him and kill every zombie she could, but instead the tall zombie shook the board again. It jerked toward her, which sent her falling backwards into the other yard.

The act might have saved her life, for it forced her to move. Standing up she braced herself against the wall as tears streamed down her face. She was crying so hard she couldn’t breathe.

A lone zombie approached her and she grabbed up and rock and smashed it in the face. It fell over and she leapt on top of it smashing it in the head until nothing but a puddle of brains remained.

After a minute she stood up just to get away from the horrible sight. Her world spun. Why go on? Everything was over now. Her mother and everyone she had known were dead. Her boyfriend and best friend had betrayed her and now, Benny, fucking Benny.

She tore at her own mind and grasped for any thread, any reason to go on. She couldn’t think of one, not even revenge worked, what was she going to do, just kill zombies?

Wiping her sleeve across her tears, she sucked in a big breath. The only thing she could think of was that Benny wouldn’t want her to die. Her mother wouldn’t want her to give up. With a final tortured sob, she threw her heavy backpack over her shoulders and headed toward the foothills. She had left everything else behind.


Mar Year Two


Thank you for supporting Mar’s adventure into the second year of the Eternal Aftermath. Check in next weekend for the beginning of a new Cliff Hanging Tale.


Breaking their way in


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Mar and Chain

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Between a Bite and a Rotten Place

July 17, 2015 at 12:45 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , , )

Mar grabbed her little brother’s hand and looked on in horror as the zombies from the road poured into the opening to the wash.

Zombie March

“Come on, back this way!” Allen yelled and the four of them retreated back the way they came. It only took a hundred feet of jogging before they saw the first pack they had fled from stumbling at them from the south.

Mar didn’t bother to discuss tactics. She hauled her brother along to the west until she came to a six foot high adobe wall. Her breath came in short gasps, but she was able to say, “Benny, I’m going to climb up first and see if it is safe. Then I’ll haul you up.”

He only nodded.

Her upper strength had never been good, but she was able to get her little teenaged body up onto the top of the wall. She was just about to check the yard when a fist grabbed a handful of her long hair. The pain was quickly followed by a moan of hunger. She wanted to pull away, but didn’t want to lose a fistful of her hair.

Looking into the yard she saw far more zombies than it should have held. Easily twenty undead lumbered over to join the one that held her. “Shit, I sure can pick em.”

Drawing the pick out of her belt, she lined the point up to one of the big zombie’s eyes as it moved in for a bite. She wacked at him, but the angle proved awkward and it didn’t drive in enough to take the thing down. In a moment of panic she struggled to brace the back of the pick against the adobe wall. An embarrassingly girlie cry escape her lips as its yellowed teeth moved toward her shoulder, but at the last moment, the pick’s back caught on the wall and the strength of the zombie’s lunge drove the pick deeper into its skull. Its eyes lost all focus as it toppled over, but Mar cursed when it took her weapon with it.

She was about to leap off, when she saw that the others, including Benny, had all climbed up onto the wall. Looking back she saw why. The two groups of undead had converged on their position and they had little choice but to follow her no matter how dangerous it might be.

“Err, come on then,” she said while standing up on the foot wide wall. The zombies within the yard stumbled toward them, but the survivors followed Mar example and soon they were moving along the top of the wall. Some of the zombies broke away to try to cut them off and Mar hurried her speed pushing past the boundaries of safety.

Mar and Chain

Then she spied something odd before her. A wide plank was balanced on the wall and the other end went into a hole that had been made in the side of the house the wall surrounded. As she approached it looked like if someone balanced on the plank they could make it to the house and climb in through a window on the building’s second floor.

Dealing with other people made her more nervous than the zombies, but as the two packs began to surround the outer walls and the zombies inside the wall homed in on them, she felt she had little choice.


Maybe there isn’t even anyone there, she thought to herself as she led the way onto the plank and toward the house.

The window above the plank loomed open. She hadn’t noticed it before, but the sun was beginning to dip behind the Tucson Mountains to the west and the insides of the house had grown dark. She pushed on anyway.

As she reached the window, a masked figure moved in the darkness. Its sudden appearance startled her and she began to tumble off the plank into the waiting mouths below. But right before she fell, the man’s hand shot out and grabbed her arm.

“Come with me if you want to live.”

Despite her building horror, she rolled her eyes. “Somebody’s seen too many movies.”

Mar in Thought
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Zombies of thirty

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The Climax of Sheriff Dells’ Battle

June 20, 2015 at 11:40 am (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , )

With Ned shot, and being devoured by the ravenous dead, Sheriff Dells get his feet under him. He measured the distance between the roof he stood on and the roof of the building where the last marauder, Temple, held Becca. It looked too long for any sane man to attempt, but he was already running.

david dells

He dropped his empty rifle along the way and drew a final breath before he launched himself into space. As soon as he had taken air, he realized it was too far. Below him a dozen zombies growled and gnashed their filthy teeth.

View from the Roof

View from the Roof

He struggled, but his feet missed the edge by a foot. He started to fall. Hands reached out and fingers grasped. Like a zombie crawling at his victim, Dells fought for a hold Somehow his fingers grabbed a pipe angling out from the roof and he brought his descent to a halt. For a moment he just hung there breathing and the undead below him went berserk.

Three bullets passed through the building. The last singed his hair as it passed. In a mad scramble, he hurried to climb into the roof. With a growl, he rolled up and onto the roof. His shoulder hit the hot shingles and he just kept rolling. A big shotgun blast blew through part of the roof where he’d just been.

Three Red Zombies

Dells was just thinking that the huge hole might end up being his enemy’s undoing when he heard a shattering of glass below. A second later he heard Henry laughing. The laughter proved short lived and was replaced by a loud grunt, but it had bought Dells some seconds.

He hurried to the opening in the roof and aimed his pistol through the hole, only to find a smiling Temple pointing his shotgun up and straight at him. Henry lay at his feet unconscious and from the looks of things had suffered his second head wound of the day.

Temple grinned. “Looks like you’re a bit too slow, sheriff. But this place seems secure enough for me to enjoy the rest of my life as I see fit. Rape and murder were always my two favorite things.”


“Son of a…” Dells started, but then Temple stumbled forward. Dells eyes opened wide in shock when he saw a blood splattered Becca, naked to the waist, wielding a three foot two-by-four.

With a yell, Dells leapt into the air and his boots came crashing down on the large hole in the roof. They broke through and he just kept going. He landed hard, but had kept his grip on his pistol.

Temple had been dazed, but turned toward him with the shotgun raised.


Dells didn’t waste a nano-second. He emptied his pistol into the evil freak. Even when he lay on his back unbreathing, Dells put his final shot between his eyes.

Becca had checked on her brother, but then raced into Dells arms and hugged him with a fierce abandon. Dells couldn’t help himself, he gave her a kiss for the first time. She didn’t seem to mind. Quite the opposite and their lips stayed locked until her brother started to stir.

Becca Beautiful


It wasn’t the easiest thing they had ever done, but the survivors cleared the rest of the undead out of their lonely desert town. The losses they suffered from both the maunders and the walking dead hit hard, but Dells had the silver lining of his new relationship with Becca.

The only lingering cloud was Henry. The boy had never been well balanced, but his multiple head wounds had caused him to take a turn for the worse. He also didn’t approve of Dells seeing his younger sister and said as much on many occasions. Dells figured it might become a problem, but as he lay next to Becca, he allowed himself to, if only briefly, relax and enjoy at least part of this sad excuse for a life he’d been dealt.

Thanks for reading Sheriff Dells Adventure with took place within the first year f The Eternal Aermath


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Zombie City

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Zombies before the red sky

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I’ve Been Bit!

May 29, 2015 at 7:30 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , , )

“I’ve been bit, I’ve been bit!” his brother yelled as he staggered toward Ned, already looking like the zombie he was doomed to become.


Ned had concern for his brother, but also had to stay ahead of the thirty zombies on his tail. The thought of just putting a bullet through his brother’s head crossed his mind, but their youngest brother remained missing in action and he knew he might still need Jonny’s help to make it through what had quickly become a nightmare.

Zombie Bite

“Damn it, Jonny, come on. We made it through a fucking year of the plague. I don’t need to see us go down today.”

“I’m going down no matter what now,” he whined. “All because of these bunch of losers.”

“We’ll see, let’s circle around to Temple.” Even as he said it, he knew his brother wouldn’t be able to keep up, but he started moving anyway. Zombies had gathered in the streets below, but they were mostly to the north of them. Besides the group that had broken away to follow them up the hill, there weren’t too many between him and the building his youngest brother had dragged the girl into. He b-lined toward that building.

Zombie Lone

Jonny tried to keep up, but his multiple wounds slowed him. They were also cutting diagonally across the zombie’s path. Ned made it past them, but Jonny proved less fortunate.

His manic screams let Ned know that he would be meeting his fate long before the curse of the bite set in.

His brother screamed for him to help, but you couldn’t help a dead man.

Without so much as a look over his shoulder, Ned rushed toward Temple. He still might be able to save one of his brothers.

* * *

Sheriff Dells dodged to his left as more bullets ripped his way. Zombies groaned and he heard the meaty impacts as bullets hit their arms and chests. Dashing to the side of the building that run parallel to the one that held Becca and her abductor, he found himself removed from the area that could be fired upon, but not the accumulating zombies.

zombie splat

Despite the work he and his allies had done thinning the herd that had been lured into San Miguel, dozens still lumbered toward him. Between them and the presence of the gunman, he knew he’d be hard pressed to reach the front of the building that held Becca. So instead he put his boot on the doorknob of the structure and used it to help him climb up into the rafters that supported the former tax consultant’s front porch.

Beneath him zombies moaned with a dull desire as their filthy hands reached up toward him. Some of the taller ones ran their finger tips along his back searching for something to grab, but he didn’t give them a chance. He kept moving and climbing around the edge to the wooden porch and onto the consultant’s roof.

He paused a moment to take in the scene. To his north and west perhaps roughly two hundred of the original three hundred zombies remained. Most of them were just arriving below him, moving like a plague of hungry locusts looking for anything living to devour in their path. To the north east, his two deputies and what was probably Freddy and Fosters fired down on the mass of zombies doing as much damage as they could.

Zombie shot

He was just looking south and wondering if he could make the ten foot jump to the roof of the building that held Becca when he saw a figure running toward him just seconds before he raised his gun and fired.

Bullets whizzed by his head and Dells flung himself flat onto the roof. “Son of a gun barrel,” he cursed to himself and crawled toward the southern side of the roof. But the figure had already reached the south side of the next building before he could spot him again.

He heard the gunman shout to the man that had grabbed Becca. “You alright in there, Temple? Jonny’s gone. We gotta book.”

“No I ain’t alright, Ned, you bastard. I got bit. Screw this and screw these people. I’m going to go down fighting and fucking until my last breath.”

Dells grit his teeth and cursed, but then he caught something out of the corner of his eye. Henry no longer lay in the road. He had survived the shot to his head and was working his way around to the north side of the building that held his sister. He looked up at the sheriff and gave him a blood drenched grin.


Zombie #2


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Zombie killer


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Zombie glw

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