Eaten Alive or Worse

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The sounds of the approaching undead faded as the steel door slammed shut making the darkness absolute. She could hear nothing over her own ragged breathing, until and tearing sound of a match coming to life sparked to her right. The circle of dim fire illuminated the young male face for a moment before it dipped to light a round, half used candle. Another of them, this one no more than in his late teens, lit a second candle.

Zombie bastard

The small flames sent out just enough light for Sara to be able to see the third youth, the one that had lead her along, walking over to where she stood. “You okay?” he said in a voice sounding more rough that concerned. When she couldn’t bring herself to answer, he went on. “What’s your name?”


“Sara,” she said and the sound of her own voice startled her and she wondered briefly how long it have been since she had spoken.


He nodded. Although his face remained masked in shadow, she could tell he was the biggest of the three. Broad shoulders met strong arms covered with corded muscles. She supposed she might have considered such a man handsome a year ago, but his sight only filled her with terror.

Jack Face

She couldn’t help but contemplate if she might have been better off with the zombies.


He smoothed some of his ragged hair back over his head and said, “I go by, Dane. The guy over near the door is Buzz and the little dude is Davey.”


She might have moved her head. Sara attempted a smile, but doubted it came out looking that way.


Dane went on. “So you have been out there surviving on your own all this time?” As if in answer to his question, the loud mournful moan of a zombie reached their ears.

Zombie head

“I…we, I wasn’t always alone. We ran into some gang, the Rips.” She saw Dane a Buzz share a silent glance. “They shot up some of us and the biters took the rest. I only survived because…” she couldn’t bring herself to finish as the memories of her cowardly actions came flooding back to her. Would things have been different if she had stayed and tried to help them instead of just thinking for herself and running off? Peter had been shot in the leg. She felt twin tears stream down her cheeks. Maybe if she had helped him…


She was jerked back to the present when Dane put his arm around her. She flinched and tried to move away, but he held on. “Don’t worry, you’re okay. Everything cool, you’re safe now.”


She didn’t like the way he held her. “Thanks, but maybe I should just leave. I have some friends out there I need to find,” she lied.


His grip grew tighter. “I thought you said, they were gone. Besides, there’s no way we’re going to let you go back out there. It’s too dangerous.”


She tried to move away again, and couldn’t. “It isn’t up to you to decide what I do.”


The candle light exposed a grin that held no humor. “That’s where you’re wrong. We can make you do whatever the hell we like.”


She tried to struggle harder, but he grabbed her from behind by both arms. Buzz had hurried over and he said, “Help me get her clothes off.” He leaned in and whispered in her ear. “We could have played it cooler, but you knew this was going to happen either way, so you might as well try your best to roll with it.”


She noticed that Davey hadn’t moved to him the others. She pleaded to him with her eyes, but he looked away.


It wasn’t until Buzz pulled at her jeans that she started to scream.

 Carrie Serious

Come back next weekend and discover if Sara can survive the horrors of both the living and the dead as she battles into the second year of the Eternal Aftermath


 Eternal Aftermath

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Carrie II bigger

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Canyons, Teeth, and Cowboys

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The sounds of a thousand undead followed them as they entered the rocky break between the cliffs. Some of the gnashing sounded close while others created a horrid background canopy of marching death as the monsters struggled up the steep slopes the cowboys had so recently passed. Mixed with this, the tumbling sounds also reached their ears when the frequent stumbles of the lurching dead sent them rolling down the rocking cliffs into their uncaring brethren.

Zombie chace

Once the cowboys had passed through the front of the passage with their horses, the old man’s voice reached them from out of the darkness. “Stay here. I mean it. Stay here.”


Enough moonlight reached them for Brown to see the look of dismay covering Trevor’s face.  Soon that look became replaced with one of concern as the first zombie entered the break between the cliffs.


“We should keep moving,” his friend said.


“The old man told us to stay here. We don’t know our way around. Who knows what type of traps he might have set up?” As a second, third, and then fourth zombie entered the break, Brown began to doubt his own words.

Brown Rifle

Shaking his head, Brown drew his pistol. He took aim, but before he opened fire a loud smashing sound echoed through the mountains as a series of boulders tumbled down the cliffs and not only smashed the lead zombies into a foul smelling paste, but went a long way in blocking off the passage they had just entered.


The two men stared at the blockade as a cloud of dust enveloped the area. The first zombie hadn’t been hit and Brown put a bullet through its head, while Trevor calmed down the horses.


“Well, you coming, you half brain dead bastards?” The old man said from the darkness clinging to the narrow pass ahead of them. “That won’t hold them shitheads off for long.”


The cowboys exchanged another look and Brown allowed himself a half grin. “Might as well do what our benefactor says.”


“Benefactor, huh. Think you’re pretty fancy with them cleaned clothes and horses. I had a horse once. I ate him last winter.” The bobbing white haired mop came into view ahead of them as they moved higher into the range. “Your horses look pretty tasty. Hope one doesn’t break a leg. That would be a real shame.”


Brown grew more serious. “You can insult me all you like, mister, but when you even hint at threatening my horse, we’ll have an issue.”


“Keep your caps on, lowlander. I’m the best chance yer horse has got.” He turned to face them after they had made it another hundred yards. “My name’s Jacob, by the damn by.” After the two men introduced themselves he went on. “I don’t suppose you have a few hundred rounds with you or anything helpful like that?”


“Can’t say we do and we’d rather not use it all if we had,” Brown answered.


The old timer picked at his teeth with his finger for a moment and then said, “Well can I inquire to what genius inspired plan you two were hatching?”


“I think we had the idea of taking them living dead over the range, dumping them on the west side of the Santa Ritas and then riding our horses home.”


Jacob chuckled and it wasn’t a friendly laugh. “Oh my, oh my. I can see a few things wrong with that there plan. Besides the bears, mountain lions, and jaguars just waiting for the opportunity to dine on some fresh horse flesh, them and the damn steer cliffs you somehow think you can get yer horses over, you have no idea what’s on the west side of this range do you?”


Brown looked Trevor’s way and the man shrugged.


“He he, right after this double-damned apocalypse started, some huge ass biker gang road down to the Golden Valley retirement community. Besides being ruthless evil bastards, you can’t really knock their idea. Hundreds of well stocked homes with only old ladies and half crippled men to protect them. Many of the neighborhoods are walled in too.”


“Those bikers moved in and never left. They been living off the corpse of the old world out there ever since. You head down the west face, you’ll come up right into their back yard. I’m sure they is getting hungry by now. They sure as hell will want to eat yer horses. Hell, you’d be lucky if they don’t want to eat you.”


“Son of a bitch,” Trevor swore.


“Son of a bitch is right,’ Jacob agreed and it was about then that a closer moaning could be heard as the first zombies began to make their way over the avalanche.



Come back next weekend to see if Brown and his allies can survive the Eternal Aftermath


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Zombie Cliff

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Cliffs, Horses, and the Horde

April 1, 2016 at 7:53 am (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , )

Brown took one last look at the growing horde of roaming undead to the east and turned his horse toward the west. The sun had just dipped behind the Santa Rita mountain range and he took in a tight breath as he guided his horse up the rocky slope.
Z horde IIII

It quickly became apparent that the ground was getting too dangerous for a man to stay in the saddle and when the sun set it would just grow worse. Turning to Trevor, he said, “We had better walk the horses from here on out. We can’t risk them getting hurt for multiple reasons.”


Trevor nodded and as he dismounted, he added, “I hear you. I would never want anything to happen to ol’ Smoke, but besides that, we may need their speed to make it back in one piece,” he paused as he looked over his shoulder at the moaning zombies, “and not seven hundred.”

Brown II

As the light began to fail, the going became harder. Loose stones tumbled under both the horse and human feet. Wait-a-minute bushes and clumps of cactus forced them to alter their path often. The incline also began to take their breath away forcing them to waste time with small breaks every five minutes or so.


Looking back, Brown saw that the terrain took its toll on the walking dead too. Many zombies tripped and fell. Their bodies would roll backwards taking several others down with them, but the rest would plod on. But even those that fell would return to their feet and continue the chase. Where a normal person would be nursing wounds after such a tumble, the zombies would only be delayed. He was pleased to see that some suffered broken legs and other injuries that would take them out of the deadly race, but he also realized that it would also mean that they’d have to go back and put them down later… if they were able to make it to a later.


After cresting another rugged hill, Trevor said, “Should we consider making thing tougher for them. Perhaps an avalanche or two would take some out and slow more down.”

Z horde II

“Might not be the worst idea, but I would like to get them higher in the mountains and further away from our ranch. I also don’t want to lose our lead of them.”


“I hear you,” Trevor said. “You would think with how slow they usually are that we’d be whopping their asses up these hills, but they never need to stop.” He looked back the way they came. “I think they might be gaining on us boss.”


“Yeah, unfortunately I think you’re right.”


They set themselves to quicken their pace. Forty more minutes passed before the shadows of darkness had finished claiming the land. Branches reached for them as if the zombies had somehow found a way to cut them off. Pits of blackness formed under trees and beside the looming cliffs of stone. Trying to press through the imagined dangers, he hurried them along.

Z horde

When they reached the crest of the next range, they paused to catch their breath and assess how well they did staying ahead of the growing horde. Again Brown found they had mixed success. The mass of zombies had splint into a strange dichotomy as they lumbered after them. Many had fallen behind and struggled up the slope, so that what was once a cluster of hundreds had spread out into different groups of various numbers that covered a space that could have been as large as a mile between the fastest undead and the slowest. The bad news remained that the zombies van guard still seemed to be gaining on their position. Some of them were as close as a few hundred yards.


“I’m almost tempted to swat these horses on the rump and have them find their way back.”


Even in the darkness, he saw Trevor flash him a harsh look.


“But I still won’t. I’d refuse to let there be even a small chance of them being cornered and attacked. Besides at this rate, we may end up on the western side of the range and might need their help getting back.”


Trevor nodded, but didn’t waste breath on a comment and soon the pair took up their journey once more.


They might have gained some ground on the undead, but then they came to a series of cliffs that would have been impossible for the horses to cross and were forced to backtrack. This took them dangerously close to the moving zombies. The horses snorted as the foul odor of death crept through the forest. Brown found it unnerving to be hearing more than seeing them progress closer. Random snaps and moans echoed through the darkness and it became almost impossible to determine how close they were.

Z horde III

They managed to get the horses up a three foot stone cliff that would be difficult for the undead and the pair took a quick break in order to catch their breath. “Once we make it up to the top of this crest,” Brown began, “We’ll hold up there for a while and try your plan of started to waste them with rocks and avalanches.”


“You’ll do no such thing,” an angry voice called out to them. “You bastards brought these flesh bags right to my doorstep and you’ll take them somewhere else or I’ll put a bullet right between your eyes.”




Come back next weekend for the next episode of Brown’s dangerous journey into the second year of the Eternal Aftermath.




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Apocalypse Brown

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Cowboys, Dust, and Death

March 4, 2016 at 12:28 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , )

Brown looked out over the rolling sun baked hills. A slight wind tossed the yellowed grass covered slopes that led uphill toward the Santa Rita Mountains. He could just see the line where the first twisted trees began to appear to the west, but that wasn’t what he watched.


A cloud of dust had been kicked up to the west of the ranch house he and his friends had called home over the last year. Where some had sought to survive the masses of roving undead by living off the corpse of the old world, he and a handful of others had taken the opposite approach. They had fled the cities and towns, figuring less people meant fewer zombies, which meant less trouble.


The growing plume of disturbed sand drew his attention again. There were many things in the region that could cause such a disturbance. Herds of horses, cows, or even deer could create the cloud. Wind could create such things as well, but Brown had to prepare for the worst case scenario, just to be safe.

Santa Ritas

In his case the worst case scenario would be a group of migrating zombies moving in from Mexico. It had happened more than once, but if the cloud was any indication, he’d never encountered one this big before.


He heard something move to the east and jerked around thinking that another group must have moved in behind him, but he let out a sigh, when he saw that it was Trevor leading his horse named Smoke. Smoke whinnied at Brown’s mount, which he called Moonshine, since it was mostly black, but had streaks of silver running over its flanks.


“I saw it too,” Trevor said, without so much as a hello.


Brown looked his way. “I’d like to think it’s some migrating elk, but I doubt we’re gonna be that lucky today.”


“Yeah it’s something migrating alright.” Trevor paused to remove his cowboy hat, wipe the sweat off his brow, and then toss it back on. “I suppose you want to go have a look?”

Borwn and trevor

“Yes sir, I suppose we should.” Having said their piece the two men mounted their houses and took them slowly over the fields toward the disturbance.


It didn’t take them long to surmount a hill tall enough for the wide expanse of grasslands to open up before them. Looking to the southwest, Brown sighed as a string of curses escaped from Trevor’s lips.

Zombie Dust

Perhaps two miles away from them easily five hundred dust covered undead slowly marched across the plain. Like spirits of death itself, they left a brown stain in their passing as if anything they touched joined them in their foul state of decay and lifelessness.


“Maybe they’ll miss the ranch,” his friend suggested.


“I don’t think we can count on that.”


“Then what should we do, go back and evacuate everyone up into the hills for a few nights?”


“And what let them eat all our livestock and trample our crops?” Brown said without taking his eyes off the horde.


Trevor’s voice took and edge. “You aren’t thinking about fighting that many. We can gather the horses and probably herd the cattle east before we’re spotted.”


“I might like for you to do that and take Laura and Petty with you, but I was thinking about a third option.”


He had Trevor’s rapt attention. “And what would that be, boss?”


“What if Moonshine and I got in their sights and then lured them away to the west. Once we reached the foothills, I could lead them on a merry little chase and then slip away through the trees and meet you somewhere.”

Brown II

“I like it, but still see one problem with the plan.”


“What would that be?” Brown asked.


“That I’m not included in the luring,” Trevor said with a smile.


“I’d never be able to focus knowing that the rest of us aren’t in good hands.”


“I hear you, but hear me. I’m not letting you take all the risk and earn all the glory, I might add, without me. James and Cassey can handle the escape. Besides if this plan works they won’t have to leave the ranch anyway.”


“Alright, you’re in partner, but let’s head back and tell the others what’s what. We don’t have much time.”


Trevor looked at Brown as the wind drove the first stench of death their way. “You got that right. Let’s get moving.”



Zombie March


Come back next weekend for the next episode of Brown’s dangerous journey into the second year of the Eternal Aftermath.


Cowboy Zombies


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Apocalypse Brown

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Troubles and Tragedy

January 8, 2016 at 12:37 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , )

Rollie watched his lover as he lay there unmoving in the center of the old road. From where he hid behind a boulder he couldn’t tell if Will had been shot badly or might just be feigning a worse injury in order to not be shot again. For once no zombie moans were heard and after all the flying bullets and fighting of undead, the desert fell into an eerie silence, which nothing seemed willing to break.

Zombies before the red sky

For a moment Rollie just panted, trying to gather his breath while he watched the unmoving form of his lover. His gut reaction was to run to his aid, but he’d heard stories about snipers just wounding soldiers in order to lure others out to get shot. He figured that could easily be the case here. So, not knowing what to do, he waited.

Dirk II

He thought he heard a grunt from ahead of him, but couldn’t tell if it came from something living or dead. Moans quickly followed dispelling the brief silence. The pursuing zombies had reached them. He gasped as he saw their bodies fill the horizon to the south.


Their darkened forms blocked the road and flowed into the desert on either side. They would reach him soon and, sniper or no, he would have to leave his cover or suffer a far worse fate than being shot.

Zom zom

Figuring if he had to die, being shot near Will beat being torn to pieces alone, so he left his cover and sprinted toward his lover. Every second he expected the impact of lead slamming into him, but no shot came. He reached Will’s side safely, but with the approaching horde, that safety wouldn’t last long.


“Will, Will are you alright?”


He groaned. “Can’t say that I am, champ.”


Looking down, he saw that Will had taken the bullet in the gut. Two years ago, he might have been saved by a well supplied doctor in an ED, now…such injuries were fatal. Tears welled up blurring his vision. He no longer cared about the sniper or the approaching zombies. His life was over. Having Will around was the only bright light, the only thing that kept him willing to continue through this nightmare the world had become. In the end it wasn’t even a zombie that had killed him. Another human had shot him down for the crime of just wanting a drink of water.


“Its okay buddy, but you know what you have to do.”


“What? What are you talking about?” He grabbed Will under the shoulders and started to drag him away from the looming horde.


Will cried out. “It’s no use. I’m a goner either way. You’re going to have to finish me. I don’t want to die one bite at a time.” He looked up at Rollie. “I’m sorry buddy, but I won’t be here to look after you any more.”


“Don’t say that,” Rollie choked through his tears, but he couldn’t move Will fast enough and the forefront of the zombies drew near.


“Please do it, Rollie. Please, before it is too late.”


“I can’t. I just can’t”


Will tried to smile, but Rollie could tell he was in agony. “You always make me take care of the hard jobs don’t you.” He laughed and blood splattered his lips as he did so. His left hand grabbed Rollie’s shirt and pulled him in closer. “Listen. I want you to survive, but you’re going to have to toughen up. Please, fight on. Find good people. Build a new life.”


Then he savagely kissed him. Rollie tried to kiss him back, but Will pulled away. Will gave him one last smile before plunging his dagger into his own eye. He fell back with a gasp and Rollie lost it.

Zombie darkness

The first few zombies were about to reach him and Rollie snatched up his bat before yelling, “No! You won’t have him!”


He laid into the undead, smashing one after the other in a berserk frenzy. He fought like he never had before. In less than a minute he had laid ten out, but more came. Many more came.


He had prepared himself to literally go down swinging, when a hand gasped his shoulder. He turned to smash to owner with his bat, but a hand grasped it before he could swing.


“What the hell are you doing? We need to get out of here.” It was Jack and he had a new rifle grasped in his hands.


“But Will…”


“Do you think he’d want you to die?” Jack asked, as he yanked Rollie away from the questing hands of the undead.


Rollie didn’t reply, but allowed Jack to lead him north. Looking back he saw that Will had made a final sacrifice for his body occupied the zombies long enough for them to escape.


Wiping away fresh tears, he swore to himself that the people that brought about Will’s death would pay. He didn’t care if it cost him his life. He would make them pay.





I hope you enjoyed this episode of Rollie’s dangerous journey into the second year of the Eternal Aftermath. Come back next weekend for the next part of the tale.


Zombie vs soldier


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jack zom

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Wake of Following Death

December 11, 2015 at 12:15 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, zom, Zombie) (, , , , )

The sounds of the large horde of decaying undead faded behind them, but Rollie knew they still followed and would never cease unless the trio eluded them, were devoured, or somehow managed to destroy them. They sprinted down the center of the sand covered road. The three of them dodged through rusted cars and dislodged clumps of cactus with Jack staying in the lead.

Zombie White

Random zombies lurched at them as they passed. Jack would literally hammer any that crossed his path with his sledge, while Will and he struggled to hold their own with their matching metal bats.


So far they had stayed safe enough, but the lack of water and the pounding heat was taking its toll. Rollie gasped for air and felt like his feet belonged to someone else. They passed in a blur beneath him and he just hoped he could continue to bounce over the uneven road long enough to reach the canyon.


“Even if there’s water up there, how’re we going to carry it back through all this hell?” he panted.

Man with axe, equals minus one zombie

Looking over his shoulder, Will said, “At this point finding water will make my day.” He smiled. “I’ll just lounge in the creek until I’m stuck by genius.”


“You’ll get struck with something, if you two don’t keep up,” Jack called back.


Finally he could see the huge parking lot that used to serve the canyon’s visitors. He was surprised by how many cars remained parked there. The place looked like more of a Grateful Dead concert than an abandoned lot. Any thoughts of survivors remaining there were quickly dispelled by the moans of dozens of zombies passing through the vehicles as they headed toward the breathers.

Zomie Blood girl

“Blow off the parking lot,” Jack said back at them. “Head around it. We just need to hit that road that leads up the canyon.”


“Why are so many cars there?” Rollie asked when the group gathered together as they crossed a barb wire fence.


Will answered. “With it being one of the only water sources in the area, I’m sure hundreds of people thought to come here.”


“Which means the canyon could be covered with creepers,” Jack said. “Let’s just hope the water’s good.”


“Or even there,” Will added, which earned him a glare from Jack.


The first mile of the old road passed through wild patches of thick cactus. So far Jack had been proved right for dozens of the walking dead barred their way. They had been able to pound their way through, but more and more were collecting in their wake. If those from the parking lot and the horde they had passed before were to catch up they could have nearly a thousand undead on their tail.

Zombie Sunset

At last they made the final turn and were able to see the first twist of the river below.


“It’s fucking dry!” Will wailed in a manner that hurt Rollie’s ears.


“Never might that,” Jack hissed. “There could still be pools above.” A second later the pavement three inches in from of Jack’s right boot exploded as the sound of a gunshot echoed through the hills.





Zombie Aceam


I hope you enjoyed the first part of Rollie’s dangerous journey into the second year of the Eternal Aftermath. Come back next weekend for the next part of the tale.




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Corpse Canyon

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Tripled Trouble

October 16, 2015 at 12:51 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , , )

Jake’s sledge hammer swung out and knocked another walking corpse back into the mud streaked gully as the sounds of the gunshots faded into the forested hills.

Zombie Sickhouse

“Three shots means trouble,” Flack said, as he used his rifle to push two zombies back into the gully. The two took three more with them and they all splashed into rain flooded stream below. “Maybe we should use our guns.”

“I’d rather not lose what advantages we have,” Jake called out. “Let’s just try to do this.” He moved into the fray swinging his hammer as quickly as he could. He tried to hold the bank, but noticed that Scent couldn’t guard her section and had to fall back.


When Tops moved back to protect her, he and Flack were forced to retreat or risk be flanked by the undead.

Flack cut through half of one’s neck, but then turned to him and yelled, “I think we have to switch to guns or we’ll be overwhelmed.”

“Son of a bitch,” Jake said, but then drew his pistol and dropped six zombies with well placed shots.

Flack fired his M-4 in small bursts. The drenched zombie’s exploding heads splashed gore over the churning mud. Corpse after corpse fell until the two men had completed their grim task.

Hunting Zombies

Tops and Scent went through the downed undead putting any survivors out of their misery while the two gunman caught their breath. Overhead the raging lead colored clouds showed no signs of breaking up. Jake sighed when the rain grew stronger and walked over to where Flack loaded more bullets into a spent magazine.

“So what now?” the tall road warrior asked him.

“We were tasked with finding Tal and that’s what we’re going to do.” Flack nodded and Jake clasped him on the shoulder. Once the others had collected themselves, the group headed south.

The run in had sobered them and gone were the lighthearted jokes. The good humor was replaced by careful footsteps and nervous glances into the drenched woods. As they traveled the rain picked up and a thin mist rose from the ground. Within minutes the rain muffled all other sounds as the mists brought down their visibility.

Emily black and white

Gritting his teeth Jake led them through the obfuscated forest. Their soaked clothes hung heavy from their arms and back. Each footstep became harder as mud stuck to their soles and created slippery paths through the fields.

They found a thick cluster of trees and Jake had the team stop and get their barring.

“I wish he’s fire three more shots,” Scent whispered.

“Maybe we should fire three of our own,” Flack suggested.

“I’d rather hold off,” Jake started, “because—wait, do you guys hear that?”

“Sounds like a drunk gorilla hitting a drum with a broken stick,” Tops suggested.

“It’s coming from this way,” Jake said. “Let’s go.”

A tree covered hill loomed before them and Jake made for it. To their west he could see they had drawn closer to the canyon. This comforted him, more than a little, for at least he knew nothing could head at them from that direction.

The team made it up to the thick cluster of trees and despite the mists they had no trouble seeing the scene unfolding below them. Scent gasped and Jake felt like joining her when he saw Tal and one other person sitting on the branches of a pine tree ten feet above an undulating mass of easily three hundred undead. The zombies swirled and trashed under his friends like an eternal mosh pit of death.


Flack sounded breathless as he said, “We need to go back and get more people.”

But before Jake could replay, he heard Scent cry out. Looking over his shoulder, he saw her backpedaling toward the huge group before them. At first this confused him until he saw the shapes looming up out of the fog.

Zombie Forest Grey

Another group of undead had come up behind them.

“Shit,” Flack hissed. “Now we’re cut off from camp.”

“Worse than that,” Jake started, “We are stuck between two packs with no easy escape.”


Zombie RIng


Come back next weekend and continue Jake’s dangerous journey into the second year of the Eternal Aftermath.




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Zombie Night

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The Climax of Mitch is not Your Bitch

September 25, 2015 at 7:34 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , )

This serial began 8/15/15

Stopping only long enough to toss the dead rattler over his shoulder, Mitch headed east, deeper into the canyon, as the zombies poured in from the west. He jogged a hundred yards before the canyon turned to the northeast. Mitch cast a glance over his shoulder and saw the undead behind him stretched wall to wall.

Zombie Canyon

“One mistake and I’m done,” he whispered to himself, but then focused on the tracks below him.

The footprints of the two young men led onward. A single drop of blood confirmed that one of them had been bit by the rattlesnake trap he had set for them.

He jerked when gunfire barked ahead of him. At first he thought they were shooting at him, but then realized that the tweens must have run into some zombies. “Damn kids, firing at shadows. Going to bring hundreds of deaders down into my home.”

Mitch III

After checking his new rifle one more time, he headed after them. It didn’t take him long to reach the three recently slain zombies. They couldn’t be too far ahead of him.

Mitch slowed his pace. From the looks of the tracks, one of the men was helping the other. More drops of blood made dark circles in the dry dust.

Before him the rust colored walls reached greater heights. He knew this could be both good and bad. It might be less likely that zombies could be entering the rift ahead of him, but climbing out would be more difficult.

He paused to listen as he allowed himself a moment to catch his breath. The rough canyon slowed the zombies following him and he had increased the distance between himself and them, but if the youths pinned him down he would be in a tough spot. He could easily find himself with gunmen on one side, zombies behind him, and difficult canyon walls on either side. He went forward anyway.

Then he saw them. The tweens remained far to focused on moving forward to notice him behind them. They had reached an area where the canyon opened wider and loose sand and rocks spread out between the sides of the rugged cliffs.

From the looks of things, Rus had been the one bitten and Mitch couldn’t have been happier. It looked like a leg wound for he was limping while receiving help from Eric, He leaned on the younger teen’s shoulder as they moved over the small dunes of sand created by the infrequent flash floods.

Mitch contemplated his options for a moment. The youths had insulted him, stolen all his gear, and then shot at him. Eric might not have joined in with the shooting and was certainly the most innocent of the original three, but one could never be sure what choices a kid could make under stress. Rus on the other hand have been an ignorant and aggressive asshole from the moment they had cursed Mitch’s life.

He decided that the world would be better off without him.

Mitch found a rock to brace the rifle on. He had never done much shooting before the apocalypse, but over the last year his skills had improved. He got the back of Rus’s head in his sights. Behind him the groans of the zombies drew closer. He would have to make sure he did this right.


A single shot echoed through the hills and Rus fell without so much as a shout.

Eric panicked and fumbled for Rus’s rifle as Mitch stepped forward.

He raised his hands, but kept the rifle in his left. “Hold on, boy. You don’t seem as nasty as those other two. I’d like to let the fight end here. We got plenty of other problems. All this shooting is going to have zombies crawling over these hills for weeks.”

Eric had the rifle in his hands, but just stared at Mitch over the barrel pointed his way.

“What do you say, kid? Whanna try to help each other get out of here? There isn’t enough of us breathers left to be killing each other over scraps.”

“What are you saying? You just killed my two friends.”

“Were they really your friends? Seems more like your abusers to me.”

Eric’s face grew red and his hands trembled as he kept the rifle pointed Mitch’s way. “What would you know about it? We were a team. We survived through a lot of shit.”


“I’m sure you did,” Mitch said as he took a step toward Eric. Behind him the moans of the undead grew in volume. They would be on him soon. “But they tried to kill the wrong guy in the wrong place and there is no going back now. The only question is how do you want to go forward? Sure you could shoot me, but then you would be left alone in an area I’m sure you don’t know well. Or you could let me help get you out of here and to someplace safe…”

Eric’s hands shook and for a moment Mitch thought the kid was really going to shoot him. Instead there was a loud rattle as he dropped the rifle onto the rocks.

Mitch walked forward allowing himself a smile.

* * *

Am hour later for the two men, both young and old climbed out of the canyon and looked back to the west as the sun had just begun to tint the sky over the distant Tucson Mountain range a light purple.

The undead spread over the foothills and continued to hunt them. The next few weeks wouldn’t be easy, but Mitch knew enough places to hide and stay safe that he figured they’d be okay. The mop up would be the hard part, but he was the master of making traps and with Eric’s help they’d figure something out.

With a sigh, he turned his back on the scene and led the way toward higher ground.


Zombie RIng
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Mitch II
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Zombie Aftermath

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Is it safe up here?

July 24, 2015 at 4:49 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , )

Mar wanted to keep from falling into the waiting zombie mouths below only slightly less than she wanted some strange man to touch her, but she allowed him to help her through the open window into the second floor of the house. As soon as her feet had touched the floor, she jerked her arm away.

“Is it safe up here?” she demanded.

Mar is marvolus

The man took off his gas mask. His face was dirty and bearded. “Up here on the second floor, yeah. We destroyed the staircase up here. No geeks can reach us.”

“Okay…wait is it just you?”

“No, my buddy Miles is here too. He’s keeping an eye on the horde moving down the street.” He man tried to smile, but it stayed buried under his bushy beard. “I’m Lincoln, but people call me Link.”

“By people, you mean one guy.” This statement seemed to confuse him and she figured she had a real winner on her hands, but waved Benny forward anyway. “Come on Ben. You guys too, if you have too.” She helped her brother inside, but left the new happy couple for Link to assist.

She was just moving away from the window when Miles entered the room. The man both looked and smelled like a zombie to the point that Mar thought Link had lied about them being able to make it to the second floor, but then the skinny nappy headed man opened his mouth and said simply, “Hi, um are you guys hungry or anything?”

“Yeah,” Mar said, “but give us a minute to catch our breath.”

Mar Young

Miles’ wide eyes looked her up and down in a way that made her feel violated, before he said, “Ah… if you’d like to come with me, we have a living room of sorts over here.”

Mar felt that the only place she’d want to go with this guy was a shower and only if she didn’t have to watch. Still she allowed herself to be led to the master bedroom, which had been converted to a hang out zone. They passed by a balcony that showed the first floor and was shocked to see a few zombies shuffling below.

“Why do you let them in here?”


Link spoke up. “It actually keeps the others away. They peer in, see their own and keep walking.”

“Doesn’t their constant moaning drive you nuts?” She looked Miles’ way as she spoke.

Link shrugged. “I don’t know. I guess you get used to it.”

Some awkward introductions were made, which was followed by an even more awkward attempt at small talk. The pair’s story wasn’t too thrilling. They had survived much as her group had by living off of rich people’s winter homes and had stayed safe by always living on the second level of places with destroyed staircases. They would remain at a home until the supplies ran out and then move on.

As they spoke, Mar had a hard time deciding which of these men were creepier. Miles’ gaunt form hovered where he stood a few yards away from everyone else sat. His bug eyes stared at them over sunken cheeks. She couldn’t help but think that the guy should just become a zombie and get it over with because he seemed more than halfway there.

Hollow Man

Link stared at her chest every time he spoke to her, like her face was located between her breasts. She figured that this would be the closest thing to a bonding moment she and Cindy might have for a while, because she was getting the same treatment from these two new men.

Allen looked nervous, but the men didn’t even carry weapons on them and when they busted out with some homemade cactus brandy, he and Cindy were more than happy to take their edge off by helping themselves. Link offered Mar a glass, but she found it far too gross to take more than a token sip, despite Link constant urging for her to have more.

They tried to offer some to her brother, but she put a stop to that. So instead they gave him some cactus jelly, which he was more than happy to devour.

In didn’t take long for Link to discover that Allen and Cindy were an item and for him to find an excuse to sit next to her. She figured everyone stank these days, but this guy took it up a level and with a few hundred zombies moaning up a storm outside, she felt anything but romantic.

Before long, Benny had fallen asleep and she noticed that both Cindy and Allen had passed out of the sofas they slept on.

Miles came over with a bowl full of beats. “Would you like some?”

“Nope, I think I’m okay.” She looked from person to person as Allen began to snore.

Link moved himself a foot closer to her on the sofa. “Come on, you must be starving.”

She felt like she was, but still said, “I told you, we were just chased from our house today. Not like we were living on the road for months or something.”

He put his arm around her shoulders. “So it must get lonely for you seeing Cindy and Allen together.”

“Alright,” she said, while standing up. “I’m not really in the mood for post apocalyptic pick up lines right now.”

Link frowned. “Okay, just help me grab her.” Before his words soaked in, his arms had gone around her waist and he tackled her to the floor. Miles was there seconds later pinning her arms behind her head and onto the floor.

Gloom Crazy Mabden

Link’s grimy face glared down at her. “It would’ve been a lot easier if you had just drank our little knockout punch like the others, but maybe this is a good thing because I might enjoy this more because of the fight in you.”

She panicked and struggled with all her strength, but couldn’t break free. When he moved in for a kiss she let loose her first scream.

Zombie face fuck
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Zombie female face
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Zombie stretch face

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Fresh Blood

April 24, 2015 at 4:30 pm (Apocalypse, Eternal Aftermath, Horror, Zombie) (, , , , , )

Sheriff Dells remained safe from the snipers as long as he kept the post office between him and the cactus studded hill to the west, but how long could he stay there with a hundred zombies heading his way. Already some stumbled straight toward him. He wondered why, since he’d hidden around a corner, but then he remembered his dead friend. His fresh blood will be drawing them this way, he thought to himself.

Three Zombies

On the other side of San Miguel’s small downtown, he could still hear the shots Henry and Freddy fired into the three hundred undead that had wondered into his remote town.

Not wasting another second, he smashed the butt of his shotgun through one of the back windows of the post office. It didn’t take him long to crawl inside. He knew the layout well enough to move to the front of the building. He passed through dust covered packages that would never me delivered. A stench of decay hung in the air while he secured the door into the back rooms.

Blooded but Unbowed

Blooded but Unbowed

Something moved behind him. His head jerked back to see three zombies shuffling his way. The sight should have been impossible. He had cleared his city months ago. Every building that didn’t hold people had been cleared of undead and then locked up. Worse still, he knew all of the zombies. Each of them, in life, had been citizens in his town. He had counted them among the dead long ago even though their bodies had never been recovered.

How long have they been locked in here? He wondered, but then knew he had to act or be joining them in their endless pacing—a path leading nowhere.

He smashed what used to be Marcy DeLuca in the center of her forehead with the butt of the shotgun. She stumbled back into Chris French, the former owner of the gas station. Sue Davenport, a friend of his ex-wife’s, lunged at him like a servant of death seeking revenge for every imagined wrong she’d heard about him.

Putting her down wasn’t the hardest thing he’d ever had to do.

He kept pushing the other two off their feet until he had time to draw his hunting knife. He kicked Chris in the chest and then tackled Marcy to the floor. She took a knife to the eye and he hadn’t noticed how grating her moaning had been until it stopped. But he had a hard time drawing the blade. He hadn’t removed it before Chris began clawing at his back.


Kicking out with one leg, he pushed the man back. He grabbed a wooden box off the counter and smashed it over Chris’s head. It wasn’t enough. The zombie grabbed at him. His left hand swung the shotgun up and broke one of Chris’s fingers. Grabbing the weapon with both hands, he pushed it away.

Chris was knocked off balance for just a second and that was all it took for Dells to use the gun to bash him in the face. It took two more hits, but finally Chris stopped moving.

Happy that he’d been able to take out the three zombies, without firing a shot, Dells headed toward the front windows. He spotted the men on the hill taking shots at what was probably Henry’s ride.

Setting down his shotgun, he got his rifle ready. After taking aim, he fired a single shot. He couldn’t be sure how successful his shot had been, but the firing from the hill ceased.

* * *

Man Mountain cried out when his rifle exploded. Without thinking, he and his brothers dropped to the ground.

“Son of a bitch,” Jonny said. “That fucker nearly blew off my finger.”

“Could have been worse,” Ned said, while he adjusted his position in the hopes of seeing the shooter.

“I guess it could have been my head,” Jonny complained, “But my rifle’s fucked.”


Temple spoke up. “Hell, we all know you use your hands more than your head. Although neither are too useful.”

Jonny started to whine, but Temple cut him off. “Hold it. I think I see that little hot number down there. Looks like she’s trying to stir up the town against us. I’m going to get to her before those dead heads do.”

“What about the shooter and them zombies?” Ned asked.

“Screw them both. Let them take each other out. I’m going for the girl, you can come with me and try to grab yourself a few warmies before this town goes to hell or you can hang out up here and then fuck cold pussy all night.”



The two other men shared a look and then followed their younger brother into the besieged town.


Becca Beautiful

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Lurching Dead

Lurching Dead


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Three Red Zombies

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